Why Choose Us?




(248) 660-3825 

 “Thank you for going above and beyond and taking such good care of Linda.”
— Jamie, Realtor


“ You girls exceeded my expectation.” 
— Nina, Birmingham


“I appreciate how hard you work and your experience serves you well.”
— Linda, South Lyon


“You did a great job. Looking forward to many future properties with you!!
— Brent, Realtor


“Thanks so much for the sale this weekend! And for taking good care of my mom’s things. We are very pleased.”
— Trevor S Lyon


  • Free consultation
  • We pay for advertising
  • Trustworthy
  • No hidden fees
  • Professional reputation
  • Extensive private email list of loyal customers
  • We accept credit cards
  • We work on commission vs. flat rate*
  • We give receipts
  • Excellent references


*Why is commission based pay better than flat rate?

Flat rate may seem like the least expensive way but in many cases it is not. There is no incentive for the estate sale service to sell items for their best value, nor is it a priority to sell everything because they are paid regardless of what sells or how much they earn for you. Commission or percentage-based services are in the client’s best interest and generally result in more money being made for both parties. The goal is to sell every item at the highest market price; more items sold at a higher price means a better return for the client and for the company. We are working for you in a win-win partnership.

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