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Settling an Estate? Downsizing? Relocating? Going Out of Business? We help families like yours sell the contents of any size home or estate and select businesses.

Professional Services

If you need to liquidate the household contents of a deceased relative, or do a partial liquidation in order to downsize  into an extended care facility we work with the heir or administrator to conduct a thorough on-site Estate Sale (sometimes called a Tag Sale). 

Download a copy of the Eclectic Attic Estate Sales Agreement.


How It Works

Consultation: We start with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. We will go through and determine if there are enough items to warrant an estate sale and talk with you about what to expect before, during and after the sale.

Preparation: Allow approximately 2 weeks to prepare for the sale. We will go through cabinets, boxes and closets and pull everything out. We will price each item to make it as easy as possible for shoppers.

Pricing: We have extensive experience with estate items, but when we find something that seems “special”, for example paintings, porcelain dolls, or garage tools/machinery we call in one of our team of specialists to make sure we are pricing the item appropriately for its value.

Advertising: Your estate sale will be advertised to our extensive private email list, posted on, on our Facebook page, and with lawn signs on the days of the sale.

Set Up: We bring our own tables, we will “stage” the home and create retail style displays so that your items are displayed in an appealing way. The entry and exit are set up so that there is one way in and one way out with a single point for cashing out. We move any smaller items of value up to the front so we can keep an eye on them. Depending on the size of the house, we may bring an employee or two (or more as needed).

During the Sale: Sales are typically 2-3 days. We recommend Thurs, Fri, Sat. 10am – 4pm. The first day of the sale we do not negotiate. Subsequent days we recommend graduated discounts – an industry standard practice.

After the Sale: We provide all of the receipts for the sales. If there is unsold merchandise we provide a list of referrals to places where it can be donated. Payment to the estate is made by check 15 days after the close of the sale. This provides time for all payments to clear.

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